The Fintech Frontier: Navigating Open Banking, Personalization, and Growth in India

In the dynamic landscape of India’s financial technology (fintech) sector, the winds of change are blowing with the advent of Open Banking regulations, particularly the mandate imposed by PSD2. This directive compels banks to open up their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to fintech companies and external developers, paving the way for innovation and collaboration. One […]

Transforming the Insurance Landscape: A Deep Dive into Personalization, Innovation, and Accessibility

The insurance industry is undergoing a profound metamorphosis, driven by a commitment to product innovation and personalised services. In this dynamic landscape, insurers are leveraging alternate data from diverse sources to gain nuanced insights into consumer behaviour. This strategic approach empowers the industry to tailor products, conduct precise risk assessments, and implement individualised pricing strategies. […]

From Hype to Reality: Assessing the Viability of Emerging Tech Trends

Tablet searching 'Emerging Tech Trends' with keyboard

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technology seems to advance at an astonishing rate. New innovations and emerging tech trends are introduced almost daily, each promising to revolutionise industries and change the way we live and work. However, not all of these trends live up to their initial hype. In this blog, we’ll explore the journey […]

Pioneering health and sustainability – vegan pharmaceutical industry’s future

With people turning to plant-based diets for reasons ranging from ethical concerns to environmental sustainability and health advantages, the vegan movement has gained significant traction in recent years. As the paradigm shift towards plant-based living persists, its impact is spreading beyond the food business and into a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals. Unveiling the Expanding […]