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Plant-based Alternatives

An alternative approach to a stable and sustainable ecosystem

Plant-based products and food alternatives are gaining popularity and space in the FMCG market. Today, people are shifting toward plant-based wellness, healthcare and beauty products for reasons relating to health and ethical considerations. Consumers today are concerned about climate change and animal welfare, they want their actions to bring sustainability and prosperity.
Plant-based Alternatives
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Why so much buzz?

Plant-based alternatives are minimally processed and mainly composed of plant extracts, making them vegan-friendly. These products have wide acceptability among vegan product consumers and vegetarians too.

Plant-based alternatives are led by the global meat and dairy sector that is currently going through an outstanding level of competition, disruption, and opportunities driven by the growth of viable plant-based alternatives across many categories. Other product verticals include beauty and wellness.

Poised for Growth

Consumer interest in sustainable alternatives to conventional animal products continues to grow around the world as global retail sales of plant-based meat alternatives pass the $5 billion mark in 2021. The category 2021 saw expansion, innovation, and visibility on the rise. Startups, large food companies, and retailers launched hundreds of new products, adding to the growth of global retail sales.

If the penetration continues to grow the alternative plant-based meat alternatives market is expected to grow from $29 billion in 2020 to $162 billion in the coming decade. This growth will bring in new jobs and business opportunities. Just the meat, egg, and dairy smart protein categories could create 0.37 million jobs by 2030.

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Key Growth Indicators

Cohorts in Plant-based Beauty Products

Expanding Product & Category Base

Companies advanced applications of plant-based technology to produce new and enhanced products across categories.

Positive Growth in Sales

Positive Growth in

Almost every category in 2021 saw a rise in retail sales. US market alone witnessed a sales of 1.9 billion units

Investor Program

Positive Investor Sentiments

The FDI relaxation in India has led to positive investor sentiments as investors from around the world are investing in the Indian plant-based market which is expected to reach $47.57 million by 2026.

Science & Technology

Science &

The category has seen new technological developments in 2021 including improved scalability in processing.

Diversified Market

Consumer choices are not restricted to plant-based food alternatives. New age consumers are including the alternatives in other aspects of life as well. As there is a growing consumer base for these products companies have started foraying into other plant-based products under the beauty and wellness categories. The recent emerging market is Nutraceuticals. Product technology, solution efficacy and medical formulations of pharmaceuticals combined with demand and FMCG distribution network have led to an overwhelming response in terms of consumer adaption and sales of Nutraceutical products.

Diversified Market

Krystal’s Diversified Plant-based Cohorts & Investor Portfolios

At KRYSTAL VENTURES STUDIO we cover diversified plant-based cohorts and investor portfolios curated for diverse investment and ROI needs. Our vision of creating an investor and startup-friendly ecosystem is built on strong leadership skills and industry experience to deliver maximum growth for all the stakeholders.

Cohorts in Plant-based Beauty Products

Cohorts in Plant-based Beauty Products

Cohorts in Plant-based Food Products

Cohorts in Plant-based Food Products

Cohorts in Plant-based Wellness Products

Cohorts in Plant-based Wellness Products

What you should know as a startup in the plant-based product market?

Driven by massive growth with no signs of a slowdown, entering the plant-based product market seems to be the right approach with lucrative returns.

Know this to navigate your journey to success!

Project Management

is the key

Don’t shy away from experimenting. Meat alternatives with a twist are being accepted by vegans and flexitarians alike.

Know the trending ingredients

Know the trending ingredients

Consumers are looking for more effective and high nutritional value ingredients in plant-based products.

Packaging Matters


Sustainable packaging materials and a no-touch packaging policy are attracting consumers and early adopters.


Convenience & Taste are a winning combo

Consumer values are centred around convenient meal preps, taste and health when it comes to plant-based products.

For Investors - Points to Remember

Interested in investing in this rapidly expanding industry?

An expanding consumer base

An expanding consumer base

The consumer base is rising as they are becoming more educated on environmental issues and more selective about the types of products they’re willing to purchase.

Tech Innovation


New technological advancements in the plant-based food space are rapidly emerging to meet growing consumer demands and expectations.


Diversifying plant-based market

In addition to meat alternatives, other plant-based alternatives are gaining popularity as well, like egg substitutes and spreads.

Shopping Stores

Retailers push plant-based

The rising popularity of plant-based products has compelled retailers to integrate plant-based foods into their offerings.

An expanding Growth of plant-based companies base

An expanding Growth of plant-based companies base

Since the market is booming, major food companies are coming into the role and small plant-based food companies are experiencing significant growth.

Restaurants are adopting plant-based options

Restaurants are adopting plant-based

Restaurants are expanding their plant-based menu options due to increasing consumer demand.

Younger generations are prioritizing plant-based eating

Younger generations are prioritizing plant-based eating

Gen Z is the driving force behind the plant-based movement with 79% of them claiming to eat plant-based once or twice per week.

Join Hands With D2C Startups

Governments are supporting the plant-based industry

Not only individuals but governments are also stepping up to support this growing industry.

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Ways to capitalize in this growing industry

An expanding Growth of plant-based companies base

Pure-play plant-based food stocks

Food and grocery Cart

Food and grocery giants

Join hands to become investment partners

Venture capital trusts and investment funds

Return On Investment - Plant-based food ETFs

Plant-based food ETFs

Setting the right expectations and future roadmap

KRYSTAL VENTURES STUDIO envisions bringing plant-based product startups and investors on one platform. Our vision is to create cohorts of finely curated future-ready startups and make them ‘an asset-class’ for investors. Further to this vision, we aim at creating a pool of wise investors that are keen on bringing diverse investment opportunities to their existing investment portfolios.

We are rapidly expanding our base at both the ends and in future, we wish to add more startups to our cohorts in the plant-based market that are technology enablers, robust marketplace platforms and innovative plant-based product makers. 

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